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Love A Stranger

Boy Abunda asked Bea Alonzo in an interview (The Buzz) how she’s able to  make the audience fall in love with Bea-Dingdong tandem (in She’s The One), knowing that they both have different partners in real life. Her answer was simple.

I thought about it for a while. If I were asked the same question, I’d probably say something similar to what she said in the interview. Yes, anybody can love anybody or anything. If you can love a pet, then you can love your enemy. And for Christians (yes, this one’s specifically for you), if you can love the Baby in the manger, then you can definitely love a stranger. ;)

Pero hindi pa nagtatapos dito ang aking chika.

I’ve been hearing of couples breaking up from those in the showbiz industry to ordinary folks like… (teehee). And so I conclude that this is the season of heartbreaks. 

And dili related sa akong previous yawyaw..

Before I close my eyes at night, I think about how I want my future (lovelife) would be. Will I fall in love with an old friend or will I take a chance with a new one? Wa ko kbaw unsaon og end ani uy

“Scientists divide my body
into systems,
but when you are in my presence,
it all becomes nervous.”

—   Anatomy.- kmh  (via driftwoodmemories)

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